Board Elections

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting potential candidates to serve on the Board of Directors who qualify under the South Carolina Charter School Act and who demonstrate commitment to the Bridges Preparatory School mission. The Nominating Committee, in addition to recruiting potential candidates, will request nominations for potential candidates from the parents and guardians of enrolled school children. The Nominating Committee will then review the qualifications of all potential candidates and compile a slate of qualified inpiduals for the ballot.

BPS bylaws state that after the start of the new school year but no later than August 31 of each year, the Board of Directors will appoint the Nominating Committee which shall consist of the outgoing Board Chair and Vice-Chair if they are not requesting reappointment or if one or both are requesting reappointment, then one (1) or two (2) existing directors who are not up for reappointment; a parent of a currently enrolled student; a community member; and a person who has K-12 education or business experience.


Specific responsibilities of the nominating committee include:
  • Recruit potential candidates for the BPS Board of Directors
  • Ensure potential candidates qualify under the SCCS Act, BPS bylaws and demonstrate commitment to the schools mission
  • Ensure that potential candidates have read, understand and agree to adhere with the BPS Board of Directors Job Description, Application, Individual Board Member Performance Expectations, Charter School Board Service Description and Code of Conduct (all posted to the BPS website under Board of Directors/Board Elections)
  • Present a slate of qualified candidates to the Board of Directors of sufficient size to meet the minimum Board Members required by the bylaws after the election
  • Present the prepared slate of potential candidates to the Board of Directors no later than Sept 30.

Election Documents

  1. 2021 Bridges Prep Board Application Packet
  2. BPS Board of Directors Job Description
  3. Charter School Board Service Description
  4. Board of Directors – Chair Job Description
  5. Board of Directors – Vice Chair Job Description
  6. Board of Directors – Treasurer Job Description
  7. Board of Directors – Secretary Job Description
  8. Board Member Commitment Agreement
  9. BPS Board of Directors Individual Performance Expectations
  10. For more details regarding the election process and dates, please review our charter and bylaws.