High School

In High School, Bridges Prep students will focus on core competencies and will also be exposed to electives. These electives will help prepare students for their next steps after high school, whether that be college, the military or the workforce.

Dual enrollment with the Technical College of the Lowcountry provides a high-value option for students seeking specific careers. With strong study habits and determination any student at Bridges Prep can earn a high school diploma while earning an Associate’s Degree from TCL.


The 2019-2020 Bell Schedule for students in grades 9-12 will be as follows:
Homeroom - 8:00-8:15
Period 1 - 8:15-9:45
Period 2 - 9:50 - 11:20
Period 3 - 11:25 - 1:25
(1st Lunch) - 11:55 - 12:25
(2nd Lunch) - 12:25 - 12:55
Period 4 - 1:30 - 3:00

For specific questions concerning Bridges Prep’s high school curriculum, please contact our 7-12th grade Principal, John Kabel at jkabel@bridgesprep.org