Virtual Learning 2020-2021

Our top priority in reuniting our school community is the health and safety of our students, teachers, staff, and families.  We have worked very hard to develop a reopening plan that is representative of our survey responses, the reopening committee's suggestions, and our school faculties feedback.

Our original plan was to return to school with face-to-face and synchronous options on 8/12/20.

As our Covid-19 cases continue to rise to alarming rates, our county is in a high risk area.  Our reopening plan outlines a movement to 100% synchronous learning if our cases continue to report at high levels.

We will begin our school year with synchronous learning from 8/12-9/4. This start date will afford us the opportunity to follow our approved calendar and end our school year at the beginning of June.  If the cases go down to the acceptable rates of mid-June, we will safely re-open our doors on 9/8 for face-to-face and synchronous learning. (Please find the attached outline of cases).

I understand that this may inconvenience many families, but we have to be responsible and rely on the science and experts when opening our school.  Our goal is to provide your household with a high quality education in a safe and caring environment.

Our teachers are currently developing your child's synchronous learning school day.  Your child will be responsible for joining their peers at the identified times in their schedule.  Synchronous learning does not mean 7 hours in front of a computer.  It will have opportunities for engagement with teachers and peers, as well as independent time to work on quality skills.

Collectively, we look forward to providing an education that will not be matched.  I thank all of you for your continued support and kind words.

We will be vigilant in our academic standards and continue to provide an educational experience that is number 1 in the state.  Your family and our school community deserve no less.

Looking forward to servicing your family with another memorable year.

Gary S. McCulloch ED.S

Chief Executive Officer

Bridges Preparatory School

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