Carolina Sanitizing's Microshield 360 Keeping Bridges Preparatory School Safe

Carolina Sanitizing's Microshield 360 Keeping Bridges Preparatory School Safe

For immediate release:

BEAUFORT, SC   - September 29, 2020 -Bridges Preparatory School announced today that it utilized Carolina Sanitizing to treat it’s two campuses of K-12 education with MicroShield 360, a two-step antimicrobial coating system that kills a broad spectrum of pathogens and viruses, including SARS CoV-2 (the specific coronavirus that causes COVID-19), and continues to protect against cross contamination along with preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and odors on surfaces.  Bridges Preparatory School is the first school in South Carolina to be treated with MicroShield 360.  The treatment took place August 21st and 22nd and was completed before the start of in-person instruction for all Students, Faculty, and Administration.

MicroShield 360 is a unique coating system that is EPA Approved on thousands of surfaces and FDA Approved safe for food surfaces.  The coating is odorless, colorless, and hypo allergenic as it works every second of every day as an extra layer of protection between standard cleanings.

“In a time like no other, it is important to give our school community the assurance of a safe and caring environment when they return to face to face instruction,” says Gary S. McCulloch, CEO of Bridges Preparatory School.  “Carolina Sanitizing provides the industry leading antimicrobial coating (MicroShield 360) that sanitizes and protects our students from frequent touch space transmission of bacteria.  Our school community will feel comforted in knowing that the preventative measures that Bridges Preparatory School has made will support a safe and healthy environment.”

About Bridges Preparatory School

Bridges Preparatory School is a public charter school within the South Carolina Public Charter School District, located in Beaufort, South Carolina.  The school serves students from most parts of Beaufort County and currently enrolls 1068 students from grades K-12.  Bridges Preparatory School’s mission is to provide students equal access to a high-quality K-12 whole child education that maximizes academic excellence and strength of character in a student-centered learning environment created by a faculty of lifelong learners.  For more information, visit