What is Paideia?

About Paideia Instructional Method: 

Paideia is a holistic, whole-child approach to life-long learning with roots in ancient Greece. In contemporary schools across the United States and a few other countries, Paideia is a set of beliefs about education including active and rigorous teaching methods.The Paideia Program is based on the belief that the human species is defined by its capacity and desire for learning. The program itself argues for a public education that is at once more rigorous and more accessible. For a concise summary of Paideia beliefs, see the 12 Paideia Principles. For an introduction to Paideia practices for teaching and learning, see the Three Columns of Instruction. Mortimer Adler and the Paideia Group outlined the Program in the early 1980s with a short, but important book entitled The Paideia Proposal. Read  about  Paideai on the Paideia.org website.

Sample Paideia Classroom: 

The P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is a unique & progressive community on a beautifully wooded site. The school’s prized possession is their Tumblin’ Creek, which is not only the heart of the campus but also a threshold between the primary and secondary campuses. The elementary school is situated alongside the creek, taking advantage of the views and the shade from the existing, mature trees. The main drop-off point is at the north side of the campus – students will then descend down ramps and stairs, following the site’s topography to the main entrance that is at the center of the school. The double-height main entrance commons is open & welcoming, connecting all three of the Small Learning Communities: Kindergarten & 1st Grade (ground level west wing), 2nd & 3rd Grades (ground level east wing), and 4th & 5th Grades (second level). The focus of the school’s design is to be respectful to the beautiful site that it sits on and to strive towards the highest environmental sustainable standards.

This school, with planning and design work by Fielding Nair International, exemplifies a 21st century learning community. This video shows how the curriculum and learning at the school is impacted by the space they are practiced in. Citation:http://www.designshare.com/index.php/kids-love-new-school