Food Services

We are pleased to announce that BPS has partnered with Grace Management, Inc. (GMI) to provide the highest quality, most consistent, and most satisfying food to our students and faculty. 

Currently responsible for providing 10 million meals per year, GMI maintains an outstanding reputation with its clients and has an extensive history of superior performance, financial stability, and providing food services that are above reproach. The company has become one of the best in its industry through its unique experience providing food services to military and civilian personnel throughout the United States. GMI also has well-established business partnerships with Sodexo and EcoLab, in which all companies seek to provide exceptional service through dedication to quality, customer service, environmental consciousness, and continued process improvement. Drawing upon its combined expertise, GMI offers BPS a proven ability to efficiently provide quality meals to high volumes of students and faculty members.

Regarding the meal ordering process for the 2023-24 school year, K-5 students will be able to preorder their lunch meals in advance, and such lunches will be delivered to their classroom. Please keep in mind that ALL orders for the following week must be placed no later than midnight on Friday

All 6th-12th grade students were issued meal cards by GMI that can be loaded either by a parent or student. 6th-12th graders will purchase their meals/snacks/beverages at their established meal times. *GMI also takes cash and credit/debit cards for purchases. 

Breakfast meals for 6th-12th grade will also be available in the cafeteria for pick-up between 7:00-7:50 AM each day, and these meals DO NOT require online ordering requests. 

View the breakfast/lunch menu.

Please also note that K-5 students with food allergies MUST have their allergies listed in the special instructions text box EVERY time that a meal is ordered online. This MUST be done on a weekly basis to ensure the safety of students with food allergies. 

Regarding middle and high school students with food allergies, these students MUST notify the food servers of their allergies before purchasing meals.

For the safety of ALL children, we are an allergy-aware school. Please ensure your children are educated on their allergies, their prevention, and treatment. If your child has a diagnosed condition, Nurse Phares will require the proper medical forms to be filled out.