BPS Board of Directors vote to extend CEO McCulloch's contract

Gary McCulloch standing outside

BPS CEO Mr. McCulloch

Earlier this week, the Bridges Preparatory School (BPS) Board of Directors voted unanimously to enter into a 10-year contract extension with their Chief Executive Officer, Gary McCulloch.

McCulloch came to Bridges in 2019 with a list of impressive goals for the school. Since his arrival, he has accomplished those goals by implementing a vision of whole-child development and a personalized approach to every child’s education. 

The BPS Board of Directors is happy to have Mr. McCulloch lead the school for the next ten years. “We had high expectations when we hired Mr. McCulloch and he has far exceeded those,” Director David Gault said. “He has consistently delivered on his vision and his vision for the next five years is ambitious, so it will be exciting to see it come to fruition.”

This year, McCulloch will be leading the creation and development of a 5-year strategic plan. With input from school stakeholders, this plan will ensure Bridges stays competitive and remains a top school in the county and the state.  

“What I am most pleased about is the relationships I have developed with our teachers, families, community partners, and our wonderful students,” said CEO McCulloch. “This 10-year commitment is to all of you, as it is my goal to provide every one of our families and educators with the best school environment in South Carolina.”

Bridges Prep is committed to providing opportunities for students to make their learning relevant to their end goal of college or career. In addition to a rich STEM curriculum and the addition of new AP courses in high school, Bridges recently built a partnership with the Governor’s School to offer an engineering pathway for students. 

McCulloch is honored to lead Bridges Preparatory School for the next 10 years. “Let's continue this journey together, and let our momentum carry us to become a flagship school in our nation. All of you deserve no less.”