BPS partners with Rachel's Challenge

Students listening to Rachel's Challenge speaker in gymnasium

One of Bridges Preparatory Schools' key priorities is the development of a safe and caring environment.

A pivotal step was taken last week to educate our school community and provide them with the tools to make an intentional impact on the educational experience of all who attend our wonderful school.

Rachel's Challenge is an organization committed to encouraging compassion and connection within schools. Last week, Bridges Prep was fortunate to have a speaker from Rachel's Challenge on campus. 

Through a series of school-wide assemblies, our staff, students, and parents were inspired by Rachel's story and were left with five challenges that align with and reinforce our core values. 

In order to support the work our students are already doing toward the five challenges, 100 students were selected to be part of the Friends of Rachel club, which will meet regularly to promote and encourage kindness, compassion, and respect in our community. 

Every one of us has an opportunity and a hand in the change that we wish to see in our school. We are confident that the education, development of our club ambassadors, and a mindset change will be the driving force behind our school setting a standard that other schools will follow in building educational environments where all can thrive.