BPS announces their Teacher of the Year

BPS announces their Teacher of the Year

Bridges Preparatory School (BPS) announced their 2022-23 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jenny Badgett.

Mrs. Badgett started her teaching career 18 years ago. She joined BPS when the school first opened in 2013. She has worked with children for most of her life and has known since high school that teaching was what she was called to do. 

“Teaching my students, seeing the light bulb go off, hearing their ideas, and watching them grow and learn - it is so rewarding,” said Mrs. Badgett. “I really enjoy our conversations. They have taught me so much!”

Mrs. Badgett has made a lasting impression on every student she has encountered throughout her career. Many of her former students visit her and reminisce about the great things they learned while in her class.

“Mrs. Badgett is patient, kind, and a fantastic teacher,” said Dr. Leon Lee, BPS K-5 Principal. “She has a heart for children and has high expectations for them. She is a great role model and has a way of making her students feel important and special.”

Being selected as the Teacher of the Year this year is very meaningful to Mrs. Badgett. “This is such a special year to receive this recognition because I was the first BPS Teacher of the Year - it has come full circle!”

Mrs. Badgett is currently a first-grade teacher. Prior to this, she taught Kindergarten at BPS and schools in the local school district. 

“Mrs. Badgett is a wonderful educator that commits the time to create rich and inclusive environments where all students belong and develop a sense of agency,” said CEO, Mr. Gary McCulloch. “One of the most rewarding actions a teacher has is the visit from students of prior years to say thank you. Mrs. Badgett has touched the hearts and impacted many of our students to stop by and say ‘thank you’ for the difference she made in their educational journey.”

The other finalists for the 2022-23 Teacher of the Year were Mr. Caleb Day, Mrs. Robin Fogg, Mrs. Christiane Gartlan, Mrs. Tricia Kindle, and Mrs. Maria Saylor.