BPS announces their Support Staff of the Year

BPS announces their Support Staff of the Year

Bridges Preparatory School (BPS) announced their 2022-23 Support Staff of the Year, Mr. Eric Hayes.

Mr. Hayes has a long history of serving his community. Before joining BPS in 2022 as the Director of Safety, Security, and Prevention, Hayes served in the US Marine Corps, was a police officer for the Department of Defense and the City of Beaufort, and worked as a School Resource Officer at a local high school.

“There is no better recipient for our Support Staff of the Year than Mr. Hayes,” said Mr. Daniel Tooman, BPS 9-12 Principal. “Mr. Hayes makes a point to build relationships with our students, faculty, and parents to ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn in a safe and caring environment.”

Managing the overall safety of the school is only part of Mr. Hayes’ role at BPS. He is committed to building strong relationships with the entire school community. He can often be found checking in with students, offering a listening ear, and giving out advice.

“The relationships with our students and school community keep me going,” said Mr. Hayes. “Having positive and uplifting conversations with a student in the hallway and then being able to have the same conversations with the parents of that same student when out in the community really brings the work I do full-circle and reassures me that my energy and passions are pointed in the right direction.”

Although Mr. Hayes has only been at BPS for a year, he has already made a tremendous impact. And he looks forward to what’s to come in the future. “Our parents are involved, our students are wonderful, our leadership is supportive, and our staff are empowered. I look forward to being here and continuing my work with BPS and our community.”

“Mr. Hayes keeps the safety and security of our school at the forefront of everything he does, and he prioritizes relationships and support for our students and faculty,” said CEO, Mr. Gary McCulloch. “We are very fortunate to have such a committed and dedicated faculty member that aligns with our values and vision.”


The other finalists for the 2022-23 Support Staff of the Year were Mr. James Middleton and Ms. McKenzie Young.