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Dear Bridges Parents,

 Lucky 7 Catering is pleased to announce that we will begin providing hot lunches to all students at the new Bridges Preparatory School campus this year.  Our first lunch service will be Monday, August 23rd.  Lunch will be prepared to order onsite at Bridges so everything will be hot and fresh, every day!

 Let us tell you a little bit about Lucky 7 Catering.  Founded in 2019, Doug and Karen first started out simply providing lunch for our own kids when they first enrolled them in private school. Lucky 7 Catering has come a long way from its humble beginnings, growing from a few students per day to dozens, and now to several hundred. Necessity for our own kids; our honest love of working together; our extensive restaurant experience; and our shared passion for fresh, quality cuisine drove us to turn this “cottage industry” into a thriving business that meets a real need in our community.  Please come by and meet us during Open House on August 18th and 19th to learn more about Lucky 7 Catering and our Hot Lunch program!

 The menu and ordering information can be found at:

 You will be asked to choose a delivery address.  That will be 555 Robert Smalls Parkway.  Then choose a date – make that the first day of the week that you want lunch for your child.  And finally a time.  It defaults to 12 noon and you can ignore that as we will be making your lunch by coordinating with Bridges based on your child’s lunch time.  We ask that where possible, parents order lunches by Sunday evening at 6PM for the entire upcoming week.  But as always, we understand that life happens sometimes so orders may be placed as late as 6PM the evening before the next day’s lunch!

 Pre-ordered lunches for 6th-12th grade students will have access to a wide a la carte selection of snacks, chips, fruits, desserts and beverages.  All selections for Kindergarten through 5th Grade will include a side and choice of water or milk and will be delivered directly to your child.

 Again, thank you for letting us be a part of your school year!

Doug Vernon


Lucky 7 Catering


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