To become a volunteer at Bridges Preparatory School for the 2022-23 school year, please fill out the required Volunteer Packet. You will receive an email notifying you when you have become an approved volunteer.

BPS encourages visitors to our school. To keep students and staff safe, BPS requires each visitor, volunteer, and vendor to enter through the school’s office, show his/her picture ID, and sign into the school using our school identity system.  Prior to entering the hallways, each visitor will receive a badge to wear while in our schools. The badge must be visible at all times. Each visitor is also asked to return to the main office and sign out before leaving. By using these standardized procedures, school personnel know at all times who is on campus and the purpose of the visits, thereby enhancing safety of our schools.

Parents are always welcome but are required to make an appointment to see a teacher or the Head of School during the school day. Parents, volunteers, or other visitors to the school are not to interfere with the supervisory or instructional responsibilities of the teachers.  Friends of students or students from other schools are not allowed to visit the school during the school day unless approved by the Head of School at or before checking in at the main office. Visitors on campus who do not check in at the main office will be considered as trespassing. The administration is empowered to take appropriate action against non-students who invade the building, grounds or other school property. Such action will include, but not limited to, the right to call in the authorities, if necessary.

We encourage each family to volunteer 10 hours in our schools. Volunteers work in cooperation with schools to help meet the needs of the children and the school staff and to represent the community in fulfilling its responsibility to the schools beyond tax support. By supplementing and complementing the work of the classroom teacher, volunteers make a difference for many people — the child, the family, the teacher, and the entire community. Volunteers give students a chance to see parents and other interested citizens involved in school activities in a helping relationship.

 BPS checks all visitors and volunteers through the National Sex Offenders’ Registry. We also require an annual background check through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for all persons who chaperone students on field trips or who work directly with students in the school. This also includes eating lunch with your child.  The chaperone/volunteer will be required to pay $8 for his/her check. Checks should be made payable to the school. Volunteers who need background checks should arrange to have them completed early in the year. Background checks must be requested and paid for two weeks before the date of any field trip.

Please call the school with any questions at (843) 982-7737